Interior Design and Architecture.  Work Principles of U-Style studio

  Interiors, that creates U-Style studio are especial, like character of the person, for whom we are working. It should be noted immediately that U-Style projects not only designs interiors for different purposes, but also architectural design for facades and private houses. But lets speak in the order! If we talk about the interior, the main directions of the U-Style are:  

  1. The architecture and interior design for a country house. Also Design Studio U-Style can offer you services in landscape design and even architectural design of any buildings on your property.
  2. The design of the apartment. Comfort, ergonomics and style incorporated into the every interior of our studio. Individual approach that we offer our customers, enables us to express in interior the inner world of the owners, their lifestyle and preferences in the interior of the apartment. A place where you spend most of your time will be a real “continuation” of you.
  3. Office interior design. Office has long ceased to be a place where people just work. Office interior design as a tool for the image – this hi-end-psychology of modern business in many cities, including Kiev. However, doing design offices, U-Style studio is trying to create optimal conditions for the staff.
  4. Interior design of HoReCa establishments. Owners and managers of restaurants, cafes and clubs are well aware of how important is the interior. It is thanks to design the majority of customers creates the first impression about the level of places have. This factor also affects the price level of the institution.  


  • A fresh look and innovative ideas Possessed by beauty, designers of U-Style studio create solutions that can surprise and delight! Transforming habitual in a wonderful team of the studio creates interiors for various rooms and areas: house, apartment, office, club – in any style, from classic to hi-tech. Do you need an exclusive design? – We can easily solve unusual and extraordinary challenges. Traditional solutions or avant-garde approaches – creative designers use all tools, including its expertise to provide you with a new level of life and business!  
  • The interior design of the U-Style – this is a full range of high quality services. We develop a design project, organize construction and repair works, we select furniture and decorative items. We save our clients from many worries!  
  • Reasonable cost Reasonable pricing policy of design studio U-Style is based on our desire to implement projects that are different in style and technical capabilities. We offer solutions or even think over the alternative that the client could chose what he likes and which corresponds to its financial capabilities. As a result, we can come to some kind of averaged variant.   Also, when choosing building materials and furniture, our experts will select the most appropriate for you offer that will answer to previously approved design project.
  • Due to the adjusted communications of U-Style studio with furniture salons and plumbing shops, you get additional discounts. As a result, you not only implement the coveted interior with us, but also save your time and money.  
  • Meeting deadlines Despite exceptionally creative approach, we perfectly understand the importance of compliance with the agreed terms. Like all the best design studios in Kiev, we value our reputation, which depends on the customer feedback on completed projects. If you order from us a complex of works in interior design, you can be sure in the providing accurate estimates, compliance plans, and timely surrender the project.  
  • Over the years in this market, U-Style Studio has created strong relationships with reliable contractors in the construction, repair and in the finishing works. Therefore, design studio is ready not only to create 3D-model, but also to realize the concerted interior in the shortest time.  
  • Interior design in Odessa, Simferopol, Sevastopol, Yalta and in another cities and countries. The exclusive design in Kiev. Due to its mobility and sharpened under to the client design projects, U-Style studio creates and runs projects in various cities.    


  • Turnkey design. This service assumes that we undertake the designing and execution of all design work. Customer just makes demands, approves the draft, pays our work and accept results.


  • Trendy interior design. Our specialists are aware of all the trends. A long experience helps us predict what will be popular in some time. – That is why we are creating a professional modern interior design, which will be relevant for many years.



  • Creative interior design. Since the designers of U-Style studio have experience in designing the interiors of different style, different subjects and constructions, you can be sure that your project will be different even because of unusual techniques, appropriate to your character and lifestyle.


  • Author’s design of interiors. Designers of U-Style studio are well versed in what is individuality and know how to emphasize it. Ordering services in our studio, you get the best interior design. We pay attention to every stage of the work: from concept sketches, completing the arrangement of chairs around the table as a result to present a beautiful interior design. Experts of U-Style really think about the fact that their work is not only the customer will like, but also his guests, members of his family, friends. It is not easy, but as a result we are satisfied with our work and our customers recommend us to their friends and family.